Find Travelling with kids: Warwick Castle

Travelling with kids: Warwick Castle

Today we are Travelling with kids: Warwick Castle! If you are thinking about an entire day out with kids, you can enjoy a visit to the Warwick Castle. It can be very interesting. Check this post and find out everything you can do in there. Don’t forget to also read our posts about places to visit with kids in Yorkshire and kids fun places in Southampton

What to say about this magnificent castle, built by William the Conqueror? Today in the hands of Merlin Entertainments, an owner of attractions, it is now a theme park without ever removing its epic fortress, which remains a central piece of every visit!Find Travelling with kids: Warwick Castle

Don’t you know what to do with your little ones? Read on this post – Travelling with kids: Warwick Castle!

Travelling with kids: Warwick Castle – Have a great day out! 


Now you can enjoy much more in the fantastic Warwick Castle. Along with Horrible Histories gang, is now available in the castle an ‘adventure maze”, as well as you can watch a comedy show which tells the story of the castle.

It also has 6 zones of history. You can see a large Viking ship, or the trenches of World War I, which is fantastic to tell 1000 years of history to your children in a fun way!Travelling with children: Warwick Castle

Travelling with kids: Warwick Castle can be truly amazing!

It’s a great ride for kids of all ages.

For the youngest, the castle offers them huge games and activities (which are included in the price), such as:

  • falconry display
  • swordsmanship workshop
  • guided tours (specially designed for children between 4 and 8 years old).

In tours guided, children can see a real secret passage. They can buy toy swords, and still hear ambience medieval music in the garden, recalling the Merlin times!

If you become hungry during the visit, you can sit in one of the fast food restaurants which are in all Merlin attractions. You can also enjoy a picnic at the margins of the Avon River, which runs through the beautiful gardens of the castle.

Do you think you’ve seen everything? None of that! See what you can take advantage!

Travelling with kids: Warwick Castle Activities

Everyday activities are scheduled, and others which vary from day to day. It is best to always search for the activities that are taking place on the day of your visit.Travel with children: Warwick Castle

However some are fixed, for example:

  • Knight’s Training Camp for Kids – Every day at 10.30 am. Children take their swords and head and learn some tactical defense skills. Is not it great?
  • Trebuchet Fireball Spectacular – Every day at 11:15 am. Here you can see the world’s largest siege machine in action!
  • Horrible Histories Wicked Warwick – At 11:45 am you can hear the great stories in Wicked Warwick Show!
  • Bowman Show – At 12:30 pm, you can watch the Warwick Castle’s resident bowman, which will explain you the techniques and equipment used in the beginning of the castle times.

There are many other activities going on in the Warwick Castle. Don’t forget to include a visit there in your child’s summer holidays! Now you Know – Travelling with kids: Warwick Castle! 

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