best things to do with kids in Brighton

Things to do with kids in Brighton

Check the best Things to do with kids in Brighton in this post and enjoy a full day out with children. Enjoy the arrival of the warm weather, and the early days of sun, and go out with your children. There are many things to do. See also our articles about outdoors parties for babies and day out fishing with kids. I am sure you will have a great day! 

Brighton offers many activities for children, which you can do with the whole family. It’s a great opportunity for you to narrow ties, create a strong relationship. Therefore, see the best things to do with kids in Brighton.

Best Things to do with kids in Brighton


There are many things to do, from parks, sea life, museums, among many other things. We selected the best so you can better enjoy!best things to do with kids in Brighton

Brighton Sea Life Centre

You can see the new Jellyfish Discovery and Behind The Scenes tour, as well as ride the UK’s first glass-bottomed boat or even visit the rockpool! There are many available free lectures during the day, where you learn about various creatures. Also, will learn how to help the life of the sea!

Brighton Pier

One of the best things to do with kids in Brighton is visiting its Pier. It has all the best of classic family seaside entertainment! It has lots of stalls by the sea, with 3 bars, 30 food kiosks, where you can have lunch or a snack. There are also 2 games rooms and it is perfect for walks for the whole family. You can even see the radio station. Can you imagine a better ride?things to do with children in Brighton

Brighton Sewer Tours

And why not an adventure in Brighton Sewer? Brighton Sewer Tours are fantastic facilities to explore the underground, always accompanied by a guide! You will walk through narrow alleyways, going up and down many metal stairs, where you see the route of waste and rainwater, which follow up to the treatment station at the east of the city.

Brighton self guided themed Treasure Trail

This is one of the funniest things to do with kids in Brighton! You can look for answers in clues that are scattered on plates, monuments and buildings, which will lead you to the treasure. From the youngest to the oldest, has clues for all solve. From 6 years old you are ready for adventure during the 2 miles!what to do with children in Brighton

Royal Pavilion

A luxurious palace with huge rooms for the kids check out. Everywhere you see multimedia guides, already included in the admission price, and are a great way for children to learn everything. You can visit the audio-visual room where attending a presentation about the pavilion, as well as how all rooms have been decorated in the style of the Regency period. They have family activities such as art workshops, dressing up, sessions of manipulation, and storytelling. You can also stroll through the gardens!

Don’t you think these are great activities to do with kids? But there are many other activities and sites to visit. So, enjoy these ones and find out more things to do with kids in Brighton!

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