Things to do when you travel with babies

There are some things to do when you travel with babies. In the first travels with your baby, you probably forgot lots of things that you couldn’t imagine they were important. Well, you soon realized they were just indispensable! For that reason, I made a simple list that will make your traveling much easier. Take a look!  Continúa leyendo Things to do when you travel with babies

Outdoors activities for toddlers

There are many Outdoors activities for toddlers that you can do easily and your little one will love! From attracting butterflies to water games you can make your baby have a great time outdoor. Take a look at this post and you will certainly find some great outdoors activities to do with him!  Continúa leyendo Outdoors activities for toddlers

Birthday Party themes for boys

Are you loooking for Birthday Party themes for boys? We have same great ideas for you to make a really unforgettable party! Your child will love it and all your guest will be simply enchanted! A castle or a magic forest is fantastic when you have to get the kids attention, so let’s do it!  Continúa leyendo Birthday Party themes for boys

Christmas Party games for kids

There are many Christmas Party games for kids! Any christmas party requires lots of activities for kids to keep them occupied. Adults usually have a lot to talk about because it is the time of year they are all together. So it’s important not to exclude the kids from christmas party and give them some activities so they can be entertained.  Continúa leyendo Christmas Party games for kids