ideas to your Outdoors parties for babies

Outdoors parties for babies

Do you need ideas to your Outdoors parties for babies? Babies require lots of attention. We need to plan everything very carefully, even when we travel with babies. To your party, also check our post about outdoors activities for toddlers. There you can find lots of ideas for your party entertainment. For now, let’s see some tips to organize your outdoors party for babies. 

The first birthdays of our children are very important moments. After all, we are celebrating the most important moment of our life, full of love and joy. Happiness is notorious in our faces!

Outdoors parties for babies are an excellent way to enjoy even more the moment because you can join the party to the fresh air! Do you know any better option? I don’t think so!

Tips to your Outdoors parties for babies


Although your desire is to share this moment with all the people you know, it’s important that you know that many people around the baby can cause him confusion. It is best to restrict guests to special people who really are part of your life and of the life of your baby.ideas to your Outdoors parties for babies

Consider the child

You may have noticed that your baby, although he has little friends, still can not play with them, just beside them. In fact, what baby likes the most is individual attention!

Moreover, he likes to play with people who are accustomed to being, that is, the parents!

Therefore, it is best to make  a very reserved party to be something pleasant for everyone.

Party Hours

Surely your child has a routine, more or less fixed of naps during the day. Therefore, it is best to plan the Outdoors parties for babies for the mid-afternoon after the nap of lunch.

Concerning the duration of the party, this does not need to be much long. Babies get tired easily at this age, so schedule a party from 1 to 2 hours.

Party Food

If you have babies guests, then remember that many parents prefer that their small ones still do not eat chocolates, for example. Opt rather for a white, simple cake.

In this case, does not offer plastic forks to the guests, but spoons. Do not place food on the table that babies can choke , like peanuts, although parents adore!Outdoors party for babies

Serve water and juice for small children. Nothing of refrigerants. The ideal is to make natural juices, with fresh fruit, freshly squeezed.

Opt also for sandwiches. They are easy to eat and usually, babies love them. Avoid jello! At those ages jello is more a toy than food, and most likely it will fall to the ground!

As we are talking about outdoors parties for babies, it is best not to abuse in foods with mayonnaise or other food that spoils when exposed to the sun.

Do not forget to take a look at the article about the activities to do with babies. There you will find great ideas to make sure your child has a fun day! Did you like our tips for your party? Enjoy the hot weather and make fantastic outdoors parties for babies!

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