Outdoors activities to toddlers

Outdoors activities for toddlers

There are many Outdoors activities for toddlers that you can do easily and your little one will love! From attracting butterflies to water games you can make your baby have a great time outdoor. Take a look at this post and you will certainly find some great outdoors activities to do with him! 

Outdoors activities for toddlers: Nature

The nature can give us a lot of fun beside it calms us. Our toddler needs to spend some time on the sun and you must have some activities so he don’t be boring. Take a look at these Outdoors activities for toddlers! 

ATTRACTING BUTTERFLIESOutdoors activities for toddlers butterflies

If you have a yard this is the perfect activity to do with your baby. You can attract butterflies into your yard planting some purple, yellow and orange flowers (zinnias, marigolds, asters and hollyhocks are perfect!). You can plant those with short petals too.

Put some pillows and a relaxing music on your yard and enjoy the beauty close to your little one.


You can hide small objects around your garden and ask your toddler to find them. Enjoy a sunny day and see how happy your little one will be while he is looking for a real treasure! Nothing better than this!

Outdoor activities for toddlers: having outdoor fun!

Outdoors activities for toddlers can be so fun that he will always ask you for some more! Outdoors activities toddlers


While flying paper kites is difficult for toddlers, these balloon kites are perfect for them because it is guaranteed to fly. You will just need large, round helium balloons, a kite string and paper streamers in case you want to decorate it.

Attach some paper streamers to your balloon for it looks like a real kite. Tie one end of kite string to the round helium balloon and the other to your child’s wrist. Your little one will find it so easy and fun to fly his balloon that difficult will be ask him to stop!


You will just need a long rope to have some fun with your kid. Lay a long rope in the grass making a zigzag pattern. Then ask your toddler to walk on the rope. You can change the patterns always he successfully finish one. It’s one of the best Outdoors activities for toddlers!


This activity will keep your kid entertain for a long time. You will just need some coloured cellophane. Give you toddler a piece of it and ask your child to look through it searching for familiar objects. Give him many different colour of cellophane and he will be entertained for hours seeing how the colour of everyday objects changes!

Outdoor activities for toddlers: Water games!

There’s no kid who doesn’t love play with water. See some good ideas for Outdoors activities for toddlers. Outdoors activities to toddlers


Making a giant bubble never was so fun! For this activity you will need liquid dish detergent, an wire coat hangar, 1/2 cup corn syrup, flat cake pan and water.

Add syrup and dish detergent to a gallon of water and pour into the flat cake pan. Dip the coat hangar into the flat cake pan and have fun! Don’t forget that you must be very carefully or you won’t get your bubbles.


It will be an hit! Take a large plastic bottle, hammer and a nail. Use the lasts to poke holes in the bottom of the bottle you chose. Fill it with water and let your toddler sprinkle the flowers, driveway, etc.

There is nothing better than spend some fun time with our kids and Outdoors activities for toddlers are fantastic to get real fun! Enjoy it!

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