great Kids fun places Southampton

Kids fun places in Southampton

There are lots of Kids fun places in Southampton, and you don’t need to spend lots of money to enjoy them! In fact, even with little money, you can offer your little one good times. For this check our previous posts about outdoors activities and day out fishing with kids.  Well, if you live in Southampton you have many other options. Take a look! 

You have many places to go with kids in Southampton. I am sure you will find them all truly fun. Have a look!

Best Kids Fun Places in Southampton

From museums and gardens, you have many fantastic places to go with your child or children, whether in summer as in winter. Find here the best Kids fun places in Southampton! 

Historic Southampton Guided Walks

They offer lots of options to guided walks: best Kids fun places in Southampton
  • Public Walks – Public tours start at 11am from the South of Southampton’s Bargate Monument and take in the western and most historically side of the town. It is able to a maximum 8 people.
  • Armchair Tours – This is dedicated for those of limited mobility, special needs or for those who prefer to see it all from indoors. You can enjoy privately seated tours, which are led by a guide using photographic slides and Powerpoint presentations.
  • Coach Tours – Here you can enjoy a full or half day coach tours for smaller groups.

SeaCity Museum

This is one of the best Kids fun places in Southampton. It has 2 permanent exhibition galleries available. The main exhibition gallery tells the story of the impact of the 1912 Titanic tragedy in the city.

You can insight into the lives of the Titanic’s crew, and know that many of them were residents of Southampton. best Kids fun places Southampton

You can also enjoy city’s unique historical artefact collections which tell you stories of people who have arrived in and departed from the port of Southampton.

They also have exhibitions changing regularly, and of courses, times, content and prices change too.

Did you think it ended? No way! They also offer combination tickets with the Tudor House and Garden nearby to the  Southampton City Art Gallery.

Tudor House and Garden

There is no doubt that this is one of the best Kids fun places in Southampton. You can enjoy a little trip and the fresh air of the Tudor garden. You can also enjoy learning about Tudor’s life, which is great for kids to learn a little bit about History. great Kids fun places Southampton

It’s awesome, especially for imaginative kids. They love to imagine how they lived in there, enjoying the fantastic decoration in there. It’s one of the most important historic buildings of Southampton, counting with over 800 years of history.

Another building was built in the late 15th century, along with King John’s Palace, to which you have access through the gardens of the Tudor house, and which is dated over 300 years.

There are many other places to visit in this beautiful city, but these three are undoubtedly exciting. Join the fun and education in the next weekend and go to meet these three Kids fun places in Southampton!

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