doing a Safari with children

Going to a Safari with kids

Thinking about Going to a Safari with kids? We have some tips to give you so you can enjoy your safari with your little ones. You must pay attention to a few details, but in the end, it will be just great! An aside, check these great magicians for birthday parties. You will love to have them for your kid’s party! Also, read our previous posts about things to do when you travel with babies and visiting the zoo with my kids

Kids love animals and I am sure that going to a Safari with kids is a great way to give them the chance to look closer at them. There is no doubt that it is one of the best children’s activities, and a safari is a great way to teach your little ones how important it is respecting nature and all animals, including their habitat.

Going to a Safari with kids: Plan it carefully


Going to a Safari with kids tipsAs you might know, the best safaris in the whole world are in Africa, and in fact, they can be an interesting experience for the entire family. It can be an enriching experience for little ones, but you need to pay attention your kid’s profile and maturity!

If you are going to a Safari with kids, you will want to plan it with the whole family together. This is the best way to get them excited, ensuring your safari will be a huge success.

You must know that it is not a cheap activity, so you need to know if the whole family will enjoy it, or you may be throwing money in the trash.


This is your first decision. Where will you go to do the safari? South Africa is definitely the best place to do a safari. All the infrastructures and roads are much better than the other countries.


Choose the dry season to plan your safari. Going to a Safari with kids at the end of the spring or beginning of summer in the south hemisphere is the best option (October to January). planning a Safari with kids


Look for smaller lodges. Usually, these are more luxurious and have better equipment. Smaller lodges also offer more attention to kids. Usually, they provide derangers’ teams and guide to attend small groups, which is great if you are going with kids.


This can be the travel of your life, but you need to take into account your kids’ age. Usually, and because it very expensive, families opt to wait until little ones are 12 years old. In fact, this is the right age to kids enjoy a safari. doing a Safari with children

Most of the lodges limit the age to 12 too, and that’s because they think it can be a little bit dangerous for smaller ones.

If your child is less than 12 years old, the best thing you need to do is to call to the lodges and ask if they accept them.

Some safaris are specially planned for kids which they offer game drives, pool, and other activities for children. Look at all these tips and I am sure Going to a Safari with kids couldn’t be better!

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