going parades and festivals with kids

Going to Parades and Festivals with kids

You have to look at some details when you are Going to Parades and Festivals with kids. Of course, kids can participate in parades and festivals, but you have to pay attention to a few things. In this post you will find out all the dangerous hidden in there, and what you have to do to ensure your kid’s safety. Also, have a look at our previous post about water park for kids and summer fairs in the West Midlands

Regardless of where you go with your children, you must always pay attention when you go out to the street. Being on the street is quite different from being at home, especially with children.

Attention has to be further redoubled when going to parades and festivals with kids. We are talking about places where there are thousands of people in the same place, which means that the dangers are greater.

In this post, we are going to tell you all the cares you need to prevent unpleasantness.

Going to parades and festivals with kids in safety


You must first take into account that children up to 4 years of age have no idea of any danger, and need to be accompanied by their parents all the time.

Let us imagine that they lose, they will hardly be able to tell what his address, or phone number. Therefore we must pay special attention to them.going parades and festivals with kids

From the five years, they still do not have no notion of the dangers, but they can already give some information, such as phone of the parents, or the address.

So when going to parades and festivals with kids, and if your child does not know the address and phone number, make a bracelet with this information.

If your child already knows some of this information, and in case he gets lost , it is best to look for someone in uniform. I know that it is normal to panic, start running everywhere looking for your son, but this will only make you lose time.

Teach your children to come into stores in case they get lost, and they ask for help to the people who are there.

If your children are already older, then you can combine a meeting. Thus, in case they get lost, you will know exactly the place where both are going. Pay attention to it when you are going to parades and festivals with kids. going to parades and festivals with kids complete guide

It is important that you know that children until 10 years old do not have the same peripheral vision that you, and it is not so developed. They do not have as well the notion of space and time, and can not plan the act of crossing the street, for example.

Therefore, I advise to always be next to your child, at least until he is 10 years old.

Always remember that the responsibility lies with the parents and not the child. Independently of the what happens, the fault is always yours. You need to have your eyes on the child, not the opposite.

Talk about the dangers to your children, of course, according to age you can address these dangers differently. Hope everything goes fine and enjoy going to parades and festivals with kids. 

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