going to eurodisney with kids tips

Going to Eurodisney with kids

Going to Eurodisney with kids is an excellent way to present all your family with a great time together. However, you must have in mind some things so everything goes fine. Enjoy our tips and have a great time in Paris, joining the great characters of Disney movies. You might also like to read our previous posts, such as things to do in Edinburgh with kids or 5 famous English castles to visit with children.

Going to Eurodisney with Kids, especially small children, is indeed a magical adventure, because for them everything at Disney, even the most fanciful things, are real.going to eurodisney with kids tips

However, facing a large crowd, in huge parks with smaller children, requires from you a series of cares, and the whole trip must be planned in advance with great care.

Let’s see some important tips so the whole trip goes well, and to enjoy all that Eurodisney has to offer. Do not forget to also enter the magic world of Disney, and be very happy!

Going to Eurodisney with Kids: Great tips!

Going to Eurodisney with kids is fun, and it can be very rewarding, but it does require some special care, and it requires a lot of pre-trip planning. Let’s see.

Get Your Child in the Plan

The first thing to do is to leave your child willing to participate in the planning of the trip.

If he’s too small, then he probably does not quite understand what Disney is, and what he can do there. In that case, tell him what he can see, which is where your favourite characters live and be sure to see some Disney cartoons as well.

Do this about a month before your trip, or you may create too much anxiety in your child.going-eurodisney-with-kids

Prioritise the parks according to the small ones

Another of the things that you should bear in mind are the parks offered within Disney itself. If you are going to Eurodisney with kids just to introduce them to Disney, then you should prioritise the parks according to them.

So, before leaving for adventure, read the itineraries to know what the proposals of each park, and in this way choose which are the most interesting to visit.

Rent a stroller for the kids to rest

If you are going with small children, know that a full day of walking in the park is extremely tiring, even for us adults, so make sure your child has the rest she needs, without having to part group. A good option is to rent a baby stroller.

That way, whenever they feel tired, they can go in the stroller, get some sleep, while the rest of the family visits some of the parks there.

Well, we can’t stay here forever talking about each tip about going to Eurodisney with kids, so let’s have some smaller ones.


  • Bring snacks to the parks
  • Use the Baby Care Center
  • Check out what attractions your child can visit
  • Visit a themed restaurant
  • Stay in themed hotels
  • Consider a Disney Cruise

Hope you enjoyed our tips on going to Eurodisney with kids, and I hope your trip is just unforgettable. Have fun, and be happy!


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