best european sites for camping with kids

European sites for camping with kids

There are many European sites for camping with kids and this is an excellent way to engage your little ones with nature, and teach them how important is to respect it as well! Outdoors activities are great and kids love them. If you are going to travel with kids you must pay attention to a few things too. It’s a little bit tough but it will bring you lot of joy. Take a look at the best European sites for camping with your children. 

When we are going to camping, we don’t need many things, just a rucksack, compass and a flashlight. But when we are going to bring our kids with us, we need to look carefully to where we are going.

That’s why we have selected the best European sites for camping with kids. Take a look at our list below!

The best European sites for camping with kids

One of the best Europeans sites for camping is Campingpark Kühlungsborn on the Baltic sea and direct in the city Kühlungsborn.

In this campsite, you will enjoy 12 ha of natural earth wich has a connection with Baltic Sea. It’s perfect for you to go with kids. You are able to hire sunny sites or wooded for your tents, caravans and also mobile houses (some of them so close to the beach as just 50 meters).best european sites for camping with kids

Sanitary facilities are great. It has comfort station, individual toilets, bathrooms for rent, facilities for disabled persons in wheelchairs, and also features a washer and dryer. Isn’t it one of the best European sites for camping with kids? But there are more!

It also has electricity, water supply in the plot, connection to sewage on the lot, gas connection on the lot, TV connection on the lot, change the gas cylinder (in the park), Wi-Fi, Internet terminal (0.1 km), buy-ins, common room, place of drying, possibility to cook, shower for dogs, area for dogs, supermarket (in the park), bread on site, snack bar (in the park), Restaurant (in the park), among many others infrastructure to please of the newer ones to the older.european sites for camping with kids italy

Another awesome camping site is the Camping Village Marina di Venezia. It’s a great place to spend your holidays with kids. It has all the infrastructures that I have said before, and it also has many activities to do, which makes from it one of the best European sites for camping with kids! 

  • Playground
  • Inside games
  • Zoo
  • Kids entertainment
  • Natural aquatic environment
  • Beach
  • Pooleuropean sites for camping with kids entertainment
  • Water slides
  • Indoor pool
  • Thermal baths
  • Steam room
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Golf
  • Sailing and surfing (in the park)
  • Boat rental (in the park)
  • Bicycle rental (in the park)
  • Horse riding (15 km)
  • Place for diving (in the park)
  • Teleferique chair

There are more great European sites for camping with kids. Take a look at these options:

  • Camping Lanterna (Croatia);
  • Camping Polari (Rovinj/Croatia);
  • Camping De Kleine Wolf (Ommen/Stegeren/ Netherlands);
  • Sportcamp Woferlgut (Bruck/Grossglockner/ Austria);
  • Südsee-Camp (Wietzendorf/Germany).

You can enjoy many other camping sites all over Europe with your little ones, and it is one of the best ways to introduce nature to your little ones. I hope our choices for European sites for camping with kids please you!

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