Top 5 world theme parks

Have you ever wonder about the Top 5 world Theme Parks? Did you ever get the answer? Did you ever see one of them? Well then, don’t worry anymore about it, because we have that information available for you. In this article it is what we will be talking about, to help you prepare your next trips! Also, have a look at our previous posts, such as London events in march for children and going to Eurodisney with kids. Continúa leyendo Top 5 world theme parks

Going to Eurodisney with kids

Going to Eurodisney with kids is an excellent way to present all your family with a great time together. However, you must have in mind some things so everything goes fine. Enjoy our tips and have a great time in Paris, joining the great characters of Disney movies. You might also like to read our previous posts, such as things to do in Edinburgh with kids or 5 famous English castles to visit with children. Continúa leyendo Going to Eurodisney with kids

Water parks for kids

What do you think about Water parks for kids? Are they safe? Are they appropriate for them? Kids love water, but you need to pay attention to a few details, especially in water parks. Take a look at this post and find out what you need to be aware when you go to a water park with your little ones. Also, do not forget to have a look at our posts about best parks and play areas in London and outdoors parties for babiesContinúa leyendo Water parks for kids