Some Birthday Party themes boys Pika

Birthday Party themes for boys

Are you loooking for Birthday Party themes for boys? We have same great ideas for you to make a really unforgettable party! Your child will love it and all your guest will be simply enchanted! A castle or a magic forest is fantastic when you have to get the kids attention, so let’s do it! 

Great ideas for Birthday Party themes for boys


If you are looking for some good ideas to make a Birthday Party Themes for boys you are in the risht place to get them! First of all we only give you some ideas, you have to know the interests of your son and choose a Party theme that will be satisfy him! Some Birthday Party themes for boys

Is your son a fan of Super Mario? Your little one are always playing Super Mario games and it’s a problem when he needs to go to bed because he never want to leave the game… Well, then you have the perfect Birthday Party Themes for boys. Like your son, many boys love this game, and certainly it would be a success. Great adventures are always in childs imagination and Super Mario gives them all adventures dreams they want. You can decorate the table with Super Mario supplies and you can use blue and red to decorate your home. Some Birthday Party themes boys

Mickey Mouse is simply GREAT! Every boys love Mickey and all the other charecters that appears in Mickey Mouse Cartoons, like Minnie, Pluto, Donal Duck, Goofy and the beautiful Daisy. You can buy Mickey costume for your little son and Minnie costume for your daughter and ask guest to be dressed with the other characters costumes. You can decorate your house just like the Walt Disney Castle, or you can simply decorate it with red and black colours, the colours of Mickey! In can find in many stores several supplies to transform your house into a Mickey’s palace!

Some Birthday Party themes boys minions

What about Minions? They are a success among the kids, especially the little ones. Decorate your house with yellow balloons, and yellow supplies. If you want you use some blue and green for the children don’t saturate with so much yellow.

Another Birthday Party Themes for boys could be Jurassic Park. Mainly the boys love it. Dinausaurs are part of the imagination of the children and they all play with littles figurines “fighting” to each other. Some Birthday Party themes boys jurassicIf you have some little boys you can play a movie called “The Land before time” which is great and you can also have a little time to spend all together. You can place branches of trees around the house so they can feel they are in the jungle. You can find many supplies in the stores like towels, glasses, cutlery, all with Jurassic Park theme.

Fun ideas for Birthday Party themes for boys

Some Birthday Party themes boys Pika

What boy doesn’t like Pikachu? All the kids fell in love with the small Pikachu. Pokémons are part of childhood of every kids and it is a fantastic Birthday Party Themes for boys. Yellow, green, blue and red are colours that you can use in decoration of all your house.

What boys doesn’t like Super Heros? It’s Birthday Party themes boysinquestionable that all boys love Super Heroes. Superman, Batman, Spiderman… no matter what super heroe, since it is one. You can buy costumes for your son and you can find it in several costumes shops in your city. Nowadays you can also find it online if you prefer! Decorate your home with heroes symbols, put some figuries drawned in the cups and plates, and don’t forget to do a stunning birthday cake!

Birthday Party themes boys ninjasA classic one: Ninja Turtles! These characters are fantastic inspiring boys imagination! The fight against evil always seem perfect to them. Decorate your house with a lot of green and you can also use the colours of ribbons that they have in their eyes.

Here you found some good ideas for you to make a fantastic party for your son. Above all of this, you must use your imagination and always choose themes according to your son tastes. You will certainly have a great Birthday Party Themes for boys.

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