5 famous English castles to visit with children

Check the best 5 famous English castles to visit with children in this post, and enjoy a trip to find out all the history that England has to offer you! Also, have a look at our previous posts that may please you, such as travelling with kids: Warwick Castle and places to visit with kids in Yorkshire. I am sure you will like them too!

The UK is full of castles, ruins, and fortifications that lead us to an amazing history that can be explored by you and your children. Some of these properties are closed to the public because they are private property, or risky to its visitors, however, many others there to visit family, and it is these that I will show you.

Best 5 Famous English Castles to visit with children

We can count on more than 180 castles spread across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, that relying only on the most relevant. In fact, they are important landmarks in the history of the country that make you go back in time, wondering how people live at that time, especially in the Middle Age.

Windsor Castle

In this time of feudalism, there was a rigid division of society,  the church had a major role, and stemmed bloody battles, they are reflected in these buildings, and in fact had such a great importance that reflect on our lives until the day today.

So, it was a little bit difficult to me to select the best 5 famous English castles to visit with children. So, let’s have a look at my selection, and then tell me if you think there is one better to be in our top 5.

Windsor Castle

It was built initially by William the Conqueror in Berkshire, and this is the biggest and the oldest inhabited castle in the world.

Currently, it is the official residence of the UK Queen, so the symbolic burden is even greater.

Every day at 11 am, except on Sundays, you can watch the changing of the guard during July and August on pair days.

Family activities are provided, as well as audio guides, which are made especially for children so that they are introduced to the characters of the castle.

Without a doubt, this is one of the 5 famous English castles to visit with children. 

Warwick Castle

With a beautiful view of the Avon river, leads us to the William times the Conqueror, when it was built.

This castle is now part of the Merlin Entertainments Group and works as an amusement park.

One of the towers was transformed into a royal palace for a princess in 2009, and a dungeon was created where actors are aided by special effects.

Everyday activities offer, and this is one of the 5 famous English castles to visit with childrentop-5-famous-english-castles-to-visit-with-kids

Leeds Castle

Situated on the Len River in Kent, this castle takes us on a journey to the year 1119. Many activities are designed for children as well as adults.

There is a museum of collars of dogs on the outside, a trail through the region, and an aviary with over 100 species of exotic birds that are endangered. There is also a playground for children, and various special evening events are created daily.

Hever Castle

Built in the thirteenth century, in Kent, was Anne Boleyn house (second wife of Henry VIII, Elizabeth I’s mother). It was because of her that Henry VIII broke with the Catholic Church, creating the Protestant church in order to get married a second time. So, there is no doubt that this is one of the 5 famous English castles to visit with childrentop-5-famous-english-castles-visit-with-kids

Edinburgh Castle

It was the first castle built by King David I of Scotland, having been rebuilt several times. This is the only major building in Edinburgh Old and New Town World Heritage Site, so that’s why I included it in the list of 5 famous English castles to visit with children.

Here you can watch two costumed characters, a unicorn and a lion, giving you welcome. During the festival, you can find many other characters.

Hope you enjoyed my selection of the 5 famous English castles to visit with children. Wait for you in our next posts!

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